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Nathor - God of Plaid by hularay Nathor - God of Plaid :iconhularay:hularay 2 3 Vampire Nate by hularay Vampire Nate :iconhularay:hularay 2 14
I'd Rather Not
Thanks for the friendship
Its means more than a lot
But if you want absolution
Thanks, but I'd rather not.
You've made a big mess
Left decisions out to rot
You want me to look away
Thanks, but I'd rather not.
You seem to say one thing
With truth seldom sought
Should I ignore all the facts?
Thanks, but I'd rather not.
All the signs point to failure
This future should be fought
You want to cling to the past
Thanks, but I'd rather not.
You dragged me into your life
Wanting friends you haven't got
You want to prolong the pain
Thanks, but I'd rather not.
So I'll take the stand I need
Maybe I'm wrong to take a shot
All you want is lies in smiles
Thanks, but I'd rather not.
:iconhularay:hularay 1 13
The Year 2000 Was a Decade Ago
Do you remember the light on the stage?
And when Hawaiian shirts were all the rage?
It was 2000 and I had huge a crush on you
It was High School and I didn't know what to do.
Its strange to think back a whole decade
No cell phones for all, the calls had to be paid
Bought out of filthy pay phones by the lawn
Quarters were in short supply before long.
I'm in the decade of wonder and invention
But the flying car deserves a mention
Where's the new century on the horizon
How about some virtual reality just for fun?
Can you recall any of the lines of my play?
I wrote it myself, as a joke some might say
It fell apart fast, as though under a cruel hex
The title was Jerry Springer Meets Oedipus Rex.
And all those days seem to be a lifetime ago
With only a beard, a smile, and a memory to show
But don't count out this jaded alumni
My curiosity will win out, I can't deny.
I'm feeling my age, and I'm still young
Decades to go, but I feel high-strung
This could be good news for the reunion
So grab y
:iconhularay:hularay 0 0
Weapons of Mass Distraction
They hide the truth with half-lies
Say words that dance and never denies
The skillful tongue is a wanted prize.
But why do I come to this fiction?
By what need do I crave this friction?
Every hidden depth a contradiction.
They sling stories of deep despair
Once strong friendships left to disrepair
The joke on all but a cynical pair.
Use your weapons of mass distraction
Every scratch not nearly a fraction
Of your false honor in easy action.
Though the questions should have been clear
And hindsight normally has no peer
I now laugh without a trace of fear.
:iconhularay:hularay 0 0
Shady Side of Morning
I'm on the shady side of the morning
And the sky is dark and crying
I just wanted you to know this fact
Its more than I can bare but I'm trying.
Sleep slips away on frustrated wings
And the sun doesn't want to get up
The moon is the only trace of life
I drink in the silence and refill my cup.
The bed is warm with the body of one
The light is on but only glows alone
You should see the state of the world
It stares and is down to skin and bone.
My lovely, my heart, so cruel you now are
What's left of your bright, warm smile?
Don't mistake my words for concern
That's the old me, and no longer my style.
Fact or fiction doesn't seem to come close
To cold truths drawn to anger grown stale
So come closer to what's left of this fool
And you'll hear the end to this love lost tale.
:iconhularay:hularay 1 0
Party Animal
I crash on the sofa with a heavy heart
In need of another drink to be drunk.
A dirty joke would go well with this fart
Or I could punch this guy, he's been a punk.
I stumble and weave with so little grace
This crowd doesn't know how to dance at all.
I talk to people who can't keep the pace
And pray for a girl's number I can call.
I'm in the house of a guy from my work
I can't recall his name, it sounded like mine.
I am smooth as hell, not at all a jerk
And it helps that the whiskey flows like wine.
I should get louder, don't want to be missed
I guess all the rumors were sad but true.
God I'm tired, my stomach is pissed
What did you say?  Sorry, I can't hear you.
:iconhularay:hularay 0 0
By Your Shade
By your thoughts, and by your shade
I got the blood, and you've got it made
But how to say this next bit right
I always knew you'd shine bright.
Don't be so sure to rush and quit the game
You'd lose something and never be the same
I hold this truth at hand and firelight
You're sharp as a joke and quite the sight.
Yet after every thought, bluff, and aside
There's nowhere to run, and everywhere to hide
I wander the land to try and lose my way
So how was a whisper all you had to say?
:iconhularay:hularay 2 2
Goose the Dog of Endless Love by hularay Goose the Dog of Endless Love :iconhularay:hularay 4 11 ...After. by hularay ...After. :iconhularay:hularay 1 14 Before... by hularay Before... :iconhularay:hularay 2 0 Where I'm At by hularay Where I'm At :iconhularay:hularay 0 0 Noooooooo by hularay Noooooooo :iconhularay:hularay 0 10 So Scawy by hularay So Scawy :iconhularay:hularay 1 6
What Kind of Power Rangers?
Zordon: I'm glad you all came here.
Jason: Yeah!
Billy: It will be a pleasure to fight evil.
Zack: I can't wait to be a Power Ranger!
Zordon: Billy, you shall be the Blue Ranger.
Billy: Yes! **turns into Blue Ranger**
Zordon: Kimberly, you shall be the Pink Ranger
Kimberly: Great! **turns into Pink Ranger**
Zordon: Zack, since you're black, you shall be the Black Ranger.
Zack: All right!- ....Wait, cuz I'm what?
Zordon: You are the Black Ranger.
Zack: Hold on, hold on. Did you say I'm the Black Ranger cuz I'm black?
Zordon: Uh...
Alpha: Aye-yi-yi!
Zack: Zordon, that's not cool, man.
Zordon: I figured your favorite color was Black.
Zack: Actually, my favorite color is yellow.
Zordon: You can't be the Yellow Ranger, Trini is the Asian Ranger- I mean the Yellow Ranger!
**awkward silence**
Zack: I don't want to be a Power Ranger anymore.
:iconhularay:hularay 0 221
Halloween '08 by hularay Halloween '08 :iconhularay:hularay 2 0

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Hello there.

Been a while, to say the least.

Okay, well... I have a comic book.  That I wrote.  A friend drew it.  We have 2 issues, and the 3rd is on its way.…

Go ahead and buy it if you'd like to!

Okay, hopefully I'll update before another 3 years.

  • Listening to: Willow soundtrack
  • Reading: Skin Game
  • Watching: A Million Ways to Die In The West D-:
  • Playing: Skyrim
  • Eating: Carnitas tacos
  • Drinking: Water


Nate the Great
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Adventure and sleep don't always go together. But I will never stop trying to combine them!

Current Residence: California USA
Favourite genre of music: Geek Rock, Indie, Funk, etc.
Favourite style of art: Comic Book and Film
Operating System: huh?
MP3 player of choice: any
Shell of choice: huh?
Wallpaper of choice: Something Comic Book related
Skin of choice: Um... the skin I have on now?
Favourite cartoon character: Norman from Mighty Max
Personal Quote: Hi, I'm Nathan.



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Thanks for the devWatch, anonymous person who I totally do not recognize! (j/k, I didn't know your Dev username :) )
hularay Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2009  Hobbyist Artist
You almost broke my heart, you did. :D

Its good to see some more of your photography! I always thought you had a good eye. How have you been?
handsliketruth Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2010
'Course, I'm a right regular heartbreaker. See the trail of squishy red stuff? Totally me. :D .

Thank you! I've been good. Running around to finish semester stuff, but now finishing up wintertime...and going straight back to work on monday XD . ah, well. Hope everything's going great with you and happy new year!!
hularay Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
A heartbreaker and a lifetaker, I do recall that. There's a hole in my chest you cut out with a wicked smile.

Any chance we can ever hang out again? Oh no, but you're starting work again. :-/
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heeeeeeey thanks for favouriting my drawing :)
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You are so talented drawings monsters :thumbsup:
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I appreciate your kind words, but I am really, really bad, for I am LAZY.

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