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Do you remember the light on the stage?
And when Hawaiian shirts were all the rage?
It was 2000 and I had huge a crush on you
It was High School and I didn't know what to do.

Its strange to think back a whole decade
No cell phones for all, the calls had to be paid
Bought out of filthy pay phones by the lawn
Quarters were in short supply before long.

I'm in the decade of wonder and invention
But the flying car deserves a mention
Where's the new century on the horizon
How about some virtual reality just for fun?

Can you recall any of the lines of my play?
I wrote it myself, as a joke some might say
It fell apart fast, as though under a cruel hex
The title was Jerry Springer Meets Oedipus Rex.

And all those days seem to be a lifetime ago
With only a beard, a smile, and a memory to show
But don't count out this jaded alumni
My curiosity will win out, I can't deny.

I'm feeling my age, and I'm still young
Decades to go, but I feel high-strung
This could be good news for the reunion
So grab your remote and get ready to tune in.
The years are flying by, and thank god I'm aware of it in my 20's. It would suck if I didin't notice till I was in my 50's. Or would it? Isn't ignorance bliss, after all?
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January 12, 2010
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