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I crash on the sofa with a heavy heart
In need of another drink to be drunk.

A dirty joke would go well with this fart
Or I could punch this guy, he's been a punk.

I stumble and weave with so little grace
This crowd doesn't know how to dance at all.

I talk to people who can't keep the pace
And pray for a girl's number I can call.

I'm in the house of a guy from my work
I can't recall his name, it sounded like mine.

I am smooth as hell, not at all a jerk
And it helps that the whiskey flows like wine.

I should get louder, don't want to be missed
I guess all the rumors were sad but true.

God I'm tired, my stomach is pissed
What did you say?  Sorry, I can't hear you.
A song about the folly of partying too hard. But don't be too quick to hate the subject. This is you. This is me. One drink too many at a party, and we get dumb. Please forgive us, we no longer know better. :-)
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December 13, 2009
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